I guess if I want to get a Monday post out I have to write on Sunday. But I didn’t have time on Sunday and yesterday was a race the whole day. As it was, I had to just pull my hair back into a ponytail because I just didn’t have time to do anything else.

Travis and I were having coffee and talking on Saturday and the subject of having people over came up. I told him that I didn’t really want to have people over because Daisy had chewed up the furniture and it looks awful and it makes people feel sorry for you or something. So, surprisingly, he said we’d look at furniture. I checked out one on Craig’s List and found something but I didn’t hear back from him before we left. We went to American Signature and checked out a few things. We thought we’d found something but after I snagged a sales person (his name is Hugh and I just love him) we found out that it was already sold. It was a floor model and wasn’t really the color I wanted but it was cheap and was a sofa and love seat together. Camel. That was the color. In retrospect, I’m glad it was sold. Bleh. They had the same sofa, only with some improvements that is the current model and we decided to get the sofa. We didn’t get a love seat because we want to see how it fits in the living room before we buy something. Besides, a love seat only costs $20 dollars less than a sofa and it makes Travis and I crazy to lose a whole seat and only save $20 bucks. The sofa was on sale on the internet though, which we checked before we left, and the sofa actually costs a few dollars less than the love seat. Call us thrifty, cheap-o, or whatever but we love a bargain.

We didn’t go crazy, and while we considered spending a bit more and getting something with more durable fabric, we decided to go with “the one” because it’s a smaller scale sofa than any other one in the whole place. When your living room is 10×15, every bit of space counts. That also means that we have to get rid of our old sofa and chair…

And I was sad. Not because I think it’s the most awesome furniture on the planet. I don’t. It’s a pillow back and the pillows are always in the way and the seat cushions slide out of place and I’m always having to adjust them. It’s the memories. We’ve only had the set for 4 years but our friends purchased the set about 13 years ago. We’ve watched football games and movies on the couch. My friends and I talked about girl stuff on that couch while the guys were grilling outside. Our kids have all made “pillow messes” with the pillows starting when Grant and Chloe were in diapers, and since we’ve lived in Tennessee, that couch and chair have been part of it. So I had Chloe and Halle make a farewell pillow mess yesterday.


Even Daisy got in on the action…

So we said our farewells and I’m fine. I’m looking forward to getting the new sofa on Friday and this set is going to a bachelor who has just gotten his first place. I’m not even going to think about what shape it will be in. I’ll just remember our kids making pillow messes and squealing and laughing and having a wonderful time. And move on. It just brings us one step closer to our goal of having the house ready to sell. And for that I’m positively giddy.


7 thoughts on “So…

  1. Love getting new furniture. I’m almost always ready to replace what I have as soon as I get it in the house. Not because I’m dissatisfied, but because I like trying new things. Can’t wait to see the new seating.

  2. Awwwww…. *sniff*. I have pictures of when we picked that out at Sprintz!!!! It has been well loved, for sure. Can’t wait to see the new living room.

    AND, can I tell you for experience that the 2 sofa thing is a MISTAKE?! We thought the same thing, “for only $20 more… blah, blah, blah”. It severely limits your configuring abilities and creates an odd L shape that is bigger than a sectional. Just an all around bad idea. We regret it. A lot. A love seat or an oversized chair are perfect. Or even 2 armless chairs. Anything! Anything besides 2 sofas unless you have a really large room.

    • Well, that’s good to know…especially since we don’t have a really large room. We’re keeping my ugly/comfy chair for now and I still have thoughts of having it reupholstered. But we are losing a seat since we’re getting rid of the other chair. I’m not sure about getting a love seat but I do like the idea of an oversize chair.

      • Your room might be well suited for two smaller chairs. More seating but easier to move around and configure. They can always be used for something else if you have a bigger place one day. Something like this: It’s a Chloe chair so it’s perfect. Actually it’s way too expensive but this is sort of the style I was thinking of…obviously it would depend on your couch and what would look good with it, but c’mon…a Chloe chair. 🙂 $899.00 !!!!????? How in the world do people justify two of those?

      • Those are so cute! I really like to have arms on chairs though. How else could I curl up in one and watch TV? And, um, $899 for one? I don’t think so. Not with kids and a dog anyway.

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