I’m not ready to permanently decide that Thursday shall forevermore be “Recipe Thursday”. I think I’d rather have recipe Friday or something. But since I cooked this on Wednesday and I can’t really think of anything else to write for Thursday, then food it is.

I suppose I should have a name for my food. Something short and catchy. But, alas, I do not. What I do have is pork chops with sauteed mushrooms and Alfredo sauce. Yummy!

I started with 4 crazy-thick pork chops. These are Costco pork chops and these things are monsters. It’s the way they do things. Anyway, I used a cast iron skillet, put a generous amount of olive oil and heated it up until it was screaming…or at smoke point to be more precise. I pan seared one side then flipped them over and sprinkled salt and pepper on them and popped them in a 375 degree oven. Cook them until they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees. I can’t tell you how long that would be unless I know how thick your chops are. Then I put them on a plate to let them rest.

You probably notice the chop that’s not completely pan-seared. Don’t crowd the pan, people! I mean, I did, but you shouldn’t. I digress. Take them out of the pan to let them rest. And if you have a lady bug plate, even better.

Next we start the ‘shrooms. As many as you like and really, any type you like. I prefer button (haha) but it’s mostly because they’re mild flavored. I used a bunch and sautéed them in the juices from the skillet. You could start this step earlier in another pan and add a tiny bit of water to start them. I covered them with a lid to move things along faster.

Then while the ‘shrooms are cooking, start the sauce. Begin by melting two tablespoons of butter in a smallish saucepan (don’t wimp out on me now…use butter!)

Then add 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream.

Let it get bubbly and then add a bit of cracked pepper, a pinch of nutmeg and 3/4 cup of parmesan cheese. I don’t grate it myself like the pros tell you to. I cook lots of things from scratch but I use an already grated cheese that I buy from C0stco. Ahem. Give it a stir and turn the heat way down.

Then you might want to steam some broccoli. You know, in case you want to have a veggie.

Then plate the chop, top with ‘shrooms and drizzle with sauce. Then thank the Lord that a guy named Alfredo decided to make a sauce. Really.

Here’s the recipe (I adapted it from an Atkins recipe, I don’t want to get sued)

2 tbsp. butter

1 1/2 c. heavy cream

3/4 c. parmesan cheese

1/8 tsp. pepper

pinch nutmeg

If you’re doing Atkins then you’re probably not worried about the calorie content of this meal. If you’re not then just take a walk on the wild side for the night. Travis calls it comfort food. I call it yummy. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Food

  1. I pan sear stuff all the time now. I love it now that I have a thermometer. Before I was always stressed that I was poisoning my family by not getting the meat hot enough…or then cooking it to desired chewiness. Anyway…this sounds really good. Except that I’m the only person here that eats mushrooms.

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