Travis and I are getting a weekend to ourselves. Yay! Our very dear friends are keeping the kiddos for two.whole.nights. I’m positively giddy. As usual though, it has completely sneaked up on me and I’m scrambling to get everything done that I want to get done before I drop them off. And I think it’s a little funny that we don’t have a sofa to sit on tonight. Our living room looks like a couple of college students live here with the “ugly chair” and ottoman and the butterfly chair being our only seating in there right now.

And in somewhat sad news…I think Bo is gone. Early last week there was a knock at the door and I opened it to find an Animal Control officer there. Cringe. Daisy was tethered outside and Bo had come over to play. And when those two play it looks a whole lot like my sweet Daisy is being attacked by a bigger German Shepherd. He asked me a few questions like where Bo lives and that kind of thing and I asked if he had to take Bo away. He said he’d have to but that he couldn’t catch him then. I think he was being nice because I talked about how sweet Bo is. A couple of days later, Chloe was walking Daisy in the front yard and Bo came over to play again. Chloe got pulled around the yard and fell and I didn’t have any shoes on so I stood at the front door, yelling for Chloe to get the leash to me. I’m sure it must have looked very dramatic with my 9 year old trying to wrangle Daisy and it looked like Bo was attacking them. One of my neighbors must have seen it because a little while later I saw two Animal Control trucks across the street and I haven’t seen Bo since then. Sigh.

On the one hand I’m sad but I also hope that Bo gets adopted and has a family that will take care of him and pay attention to him. That’s what he really wanted. He would rather have us pet him than play with Daisy. I’m concerned though because Williamson County Animal Shelter is at 100% capacity right now (I’m a fan on Facebook) and you know what that means…I don’t want to think about it. I also know that I can’t have another dog.

I could also write about the chocolate chip cookies I made for “girls night” last night but didn’t get to eat. Halle said it’s unfair. It may not be unfair but it is a bummer. Chocolate chip cookies are my most favorite thing in the whole world. Well, food-wise anyway. Bummer. But no matter, I’ll get over it. And I’m sure that at some point I’ll come up with a fantastic, gluten-free, chocolate chip cookie recipe. Not crispy ones, chewy ones. Later. Probably much, much later. But someday I will eat a cookie again.



2 thoughts on “So…Much…To….Do

  1. I remember setting on lawn chairs for a while because someone took my new furniture to Panama City when they moved. Pay backs are rough!!! Glad you guys are getting some alone time. Sorry about Bo, Daisy will probably be depressed for a while.

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