The Weekend in Pictures

I’m not feeling fantastic today. It’s not anything serious but I’d like to rest so here’s our weekend review with pictures and a little narration.

Daisy took over my chair…one of two in the living room…I kicked her out of it. Not literally.

This is what a Button girl wears when it’s 52 degrees outside. I’m not sure what the ferocious smile is about. My girls are most definitely *not* Floridians.

This is one happy pup. Hooray for sunshine!

Chloe got a puzzle from church yesterday (we visited the church that Amanda, Brian and friends attend). She spent the whole day putting it together but dropped a piece and Daisy ate it. There was much sobbing.

And the new sofa. I hate the look of the pillows and they stick out like a sore thumb in the room. I’m going to measure and see if I can find a cover for them since I’m very opposed to sewing anything.

I’ll admit that when we changed sofas, I was disappointed. I just didn’t like this one as much. But after having it for a couple of days I know we (and by “we” I mean Travis) made the right decision. Especially after Daisy sank her teeth into the bottom. There’s no mark at all. I’m not stressed about the girls getting anything on it and the cushions are all removable so the girls can make a pillow mess with it. And after all, that’s the most important thing.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. I like it!!!! I can see why you don’t care for the pillows, but yeah…easy fix. If you can’t find a cover you like let me know, we’ll find some fabric you like and I’LL sew them for you. It’s too easy not to offer. I could even mail them to you if we can’t get together.

    Love your button girls and totally understand Chloe’s frustration with the puzzle thing. I would be mad as a hornet about that.

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