Feeling Frozen

You don’t want to hear me complain about the frigid temps here do you? Oh, wretched bitter cold, how I loathe you right now! It’s not that I can’t handle temps in the 20’s. I can. It just feels like a sucker punch after weekend temps in the mid 60’s. Travis and I even had to turn on the a/c in the car this past weekend.

This was not the day for me to run out of the house with my wet hair pulled into a low ponytail, but I did. It was the day that I should have warmed up the car before we left for the library, Target and Kroger, but I didn’t. At least I know where all the other kids go on a frigid day like today, the library. I thought it odd that it was so crowded but then I remembered that we usually go during school hours. The only kids we see then are other homeschoolers.  I was happy to find a Dick and Jane reader for Halle. I hadn’t looked for one before because I didn’t think they were around anymore. It’s perfect for her because even though she can read a lot of words, level 1 readers have a lot of words that she doesn’t know. Then she gets frustrated. I remember that from when Chloe was learning to read. She hated it so much because it didn’t come easily to her. Now she devours nearly any book she can get her hands on. “Sarah Plain and Tall” is a big exception though. If I were to ask her about it today, I know she would rant for a full 5 minutes on how boring and awful that book was. It reminds me of another girl that ranted about some required reading in high school. Something about a guy that wrote paragraph long sentences or something like that (ahem, Amanda) or maybe it was middle school.

This is one of Halle’s absolute favorite things to do in school…

She’s writing her letter of the week in a container full of table salt. I got the idea from her homeschool curriculum and it was the easiest of their suggestions by far. It’s just a container with a lid that’s full of table salt. She can write her letter or she’ll spend and hour or so just drawing pictures.There are probably really wonderful homeschool moms that take the time to make letters out of gelatine and things like that (also a suggested activity) but I’m not that mom. I rarely have jello in the house and I really don’t have alphabet cookie cutters that I could use. Although, now that I think about it I have a circle and that would have been easy enough for the letter O. Suffice it to say, I’m not the mom that runs all over town looking for items for each lesson. And I’m going to be very honest and say that if I did, I don’t think it would make me a better homeschool mom. I know it would make me a frazzled homeschool mom. I don’t really like being frazzled.


Was this small the day we got her. She seemed so big then and getting her at three months seemed like we’d missed so much already.

And this is her now…

She’s six months old now. And I love her…even when she’s annoying, even when she play bites, even when she barks and begs for food. Silly derg.


4 thoughts on “Feeling Frozen

  1. These are my comments: I LOVE the movie Sarah Plain and Tall with Glen Close and Christopher Walken…I have it and the sequel…It’s a bit much for Chloe’s age, I think…

    The Dollar Tree stores have a treasure trove of school stuff…for…a dollar… 🙂

    And Daisy is a real keeper…I haven’t even met her and I know she and I will love each other…

    The kids…well, I’m prejudiced of course but they are so cute and smart…I always smile when I see their sweet faces… 🙂

    • Well, I won’t tell Chloe you loved the movie…I may not tell her there was a movie. Unless I want to hear her rant about it. She’s cute when she rants. I like, no love, that my kids think for themselves.

  2. Excited for the girls to get the stuff from Landon! Sounds like a fun project and goes along with the *Flat Stanley* book:) If Chloe is not enthusiastic that is ok~Lol!
    Can’t believe how much Daisy has grown~ so cute!

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