Flat Stanley and Other Adventures

The girls got a package in the mail yesterday from their cousin, Landon which included a letter and a little Flat Stanley, um, doll? He’s a laminated paper cutout so I’m not sure what you call that…other than a laminated paper cutout or a doll. Anyway, we’re supposed to carry him around for a week and document all sorts of things that we do with him before we send him back to Florida. I’ll be the first to admit that our daily Button life can be a bit, um, boring. So I wracked my brain for ideas of what to actually do with him. Then it hit me, “Duh, we’re a really big Civil War destination and almost everything is historic.” So I felt like we were set. Now, it remains to be seen if that translates to something that’s interesting to a group of second graders.

Not wanting to wait, I decided to take the girls, Daisy and Flat Stanley to the park. It was 31 degrees when we left and 29 degrees when we returned less than a half hour later. I decided that I would wear my hair au naturalle, which for me is wavy. This was for a few reasons 1) I didn’t feel like doing anything with my hair 2) after nearly freezing to death last week, I knew that wearing it wet wasn’t an option 3) a pony tail was also not an option because my ears would freeze. As it turns out my ears (and face) froze anyway. It was really windy so the wavy hair turned out to be a really good decision. Going out without a hat? Not so much. I need a cute hat so I’m not embarrassed to wear one out. Unfortunately all the ones I pick out either don’t fit my big head or are really expensive.

It’s the back of my big head. If I’d known my hair was naturally wavy in high school, I could have saved my mom a lot of money on perms. Bless her heart. Well, bless all of us permed ’80’s kids. I hope the fumes didn’t cause us all to have brain damage.

I wish I could adequately convey Halle’s excitement over Flat Stanley. She wanted to carry him and hold his hand and shelter him from the cold. Sometimes my heart aches over how sweet she is. Or how cute she is. I love that kid so much.

And the thing that surprised me is how “into it” Chloe is. She wasn’t being as nurturing as Halle but that’s not really her thing in general. She was excited to climb rocks and pose for pictures. And if you’re wondering, I really love this kid too. I’m sure you weren’t.

She’s in fourth grade but is still really motivated by things like this. Plus she likes to write letters. I mean, she *really* likes to write letters. She’ll be the one to do a lot of the writing and documenting. Then we’ll all work to put something together. I’m thinking of a small photo book. Nothing elaborate since scrap booking isn’t  my thing, but a small one is doable. I think that’s probably the best way to document it all.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow *but* it’s supposed to be in the 50’s by the weekend. So I have big plans for Flat Stanley. First we’ll head to Winstead Hill, then Fort Granger, Downtown Franklin, and then maybe we’ll get ice cream or coffee (well, I won’t have ice cream). I’m so excited. First of all, I want Landon to not feel embarrassed. That’s my first priority. Secondly, this is right up our homeschool alley. We’ll all get outside to do things we’ve talked about wanting to do all winter. But the girls will learn a lot too. I’d also like to go to Carnton Plantation, and I want to take pictures of some of the random cemeteries around here. I hope that doesn’t freak out the second graders.

This is going to be really fun.


7 thoughts on “Flat Stanley and Other Adventures

  1. Fun indeed! I love the idea. I actually had an idea similar to this, not as organized, but similar. I was thinking of Mary Mary Stationery starting a paper doll line that you mail between friends. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but it could be really fun too. Not that this is about my ideas. Ahem.

    This reminds me of our weekend with Owen’s class pet. I thought we would be really boring…I wonder if everyone thinks that now…it turned out really fun though. Can you take Flat Stanley to church with you. Maybe he will accept Christ…don’t let him get baptized.

    • I love that idea, Mary. It’s something that Chloe would love, I think. Although I wouldn’t know how to work out the particulars.

      And as it turns out, baptism is the least of our worries. Daisy chewed one of Stanley’s feet tonight. Sheesh.

  2. I’ve always thought Flat Stanley was such a cool idea 🙂 What fun adventures he will have with you!
    I love your wavy hair. I was one of the unfortunately-permed kids in the old days. Sigh. Still, I’d give just about anything for corkscrew curls all over my head.

  3. Hi Amy! Flat Stanley brought back memories! Alex (our grandson) sent one to us while they were living in Atlanta. He was called Flat Alex. We had our store then in the mall and we didn’t have a lot of time. We had him in the store at the register and using the calculator. We took him to eat at the food court and took him on some rides in the mall. I know people thought we were crazy with him in the play car. We also took him to the pet store and had him looking in the window before we went inside. We had a lot of laughs from it. Take lots of pics.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marleen.

      I remember when you had the store in the mall. Amanda was so small then and loved going in to look at all the pretty dresses. Sweet memories.

  4. So excited that the girls are into showing Flat Stanley around for a good time:) I thought it was so neat when Landon brought this project home. Noticed on FB that a home school group from our church did this too. Love that you are getting to visit all these great spots~Plantation and all:)

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