A Beautiful Day

Today is really beautiful. There’s enough snow on the ground to cover everything in a blanket of white *and* it’s sunny. Sometimes the snow isn’t thick enough to cover everything so there’s brown grass poking out or it’s all white but gray outside. Snowy and sunny is definitely my favorite. Well, sunny and warm is nice too.

I took Flat Stanley out to play in the snow this morning. Yes, it was me since the kids are over the cold, pretty white stuff.

I’ve also been multi-tasking. We went to the mall a couple of nights ago, mostly because we’re tired of being in the house. While we were there we had to make a visit to Pottery Barn. Why? Because besides Justice, it’s Chloe’s favorite store. Halle’s favorite is Williams-Sonoma. I’m not even kidding. While we were in PB, I sat on a sofa and accidentally sat on something someone was working on. I don’t even know what the items were, I just know I sank into the sofa and onto whatever props she was working with. She apologized for leaving them there and I apologized for not seeing them and made a self-deprecating joke. Those seem to work in such a situation. She was really nice and ended up giving me a bunch of fabric swatches.

See my multi-tasking abilities?

I can totally homeschool and look at fabric swatches. There’s time for that. Anyway, the ones I picked up were Slubby Canvas in warm white and stone, Dorian Stripe in Walnut, and Tara Palampore in neutral. I should add that I wanted the Slubby Canvas swatch just because it’s called Slubby Canvas. It sounds so comfy. I’ve drooled over PB sofas and chairs absolutely forever. They’re so comfy. But after really looking at the fabric, I don’t think I could do it. Expense aside, I would be constantly freaked out about messing it up. I’ve read in magazine after magazine about the easy care of slip covers. And they’re replaceable. If one gets totally messed up, I could buy another slipcover. But it also means that if someone spills something, I’m taking them off and tossing them in the wash. When Daisy comes in with muddy paws, I have to take them off and toss them in the wash. Realistically, those two things could happen in the same day. PB does have a chenille fabric but it’s just in basic colors and I’d like to have something that contrasts. Sigh. Maybe when Daisy is older.

They’re pretty though.

This is definitely more my speed for now…

I tossed a blue blanket over the side, turned the ugly pillows around and tossed on some pillows that I already have. I also wanted to highlight the arm of the couch because it’s much different than our last one.

See how wide the arm is? I measured it and I can’t remember how much wider it was but it was around 3-4 inches. In a small living room, that makes a difference. Really. When you think about it, the new sofa takes up 6 less inches of space. It may not seem like a big deal but it’s the difference between a side table being smashed completely next to a wall and having a little bit of breathing room. Although, I can’t have a side table because Daisy’s crate is there. But if I could have a table, I’d have more room.

Now, it’s time to do Halle’s craft and reading time. We’re painting lady bugs. Fun!


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

  1. There is something really fun about fabric swatches. Just that little bit of color and pattern can represent so many things.

    I’m loving the snow and sunshine too…but I got snowblind when I went outside for a minute and came back in. Too bright…couldn’t see anything. 🙂

  2. Your girls favorite stores still crack me up. Makes for MUCH better shopping trips for you, no doubt- no whining to leave ’cause they love it! 🙂

    If only my kids could love Costco and Target… that’s where I’m always at, it seems.

    I really do like the sofa. COmfy too!

  3. Beautiful, sparkly snow – I remember that from my childhood. I’m never sure if I liked it better in the sun or on a cloudy, gloomy day. I’m kind of a fan of the gloomy weather, myself.
    Also, as the owner of a small living room, I can verify your feelings on that extra six inches of space from the sofa arms! Furniture with low profile and maximum seat-a-bility is tough to find, but so necessary in a small space!

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