Apparently we are the fortunate ones in middle Tennessee. It snowed again today right around rush hour so traffic is snarled literally for hours. Friends and I joke about the snow and about how everybody freaks out about it and yet, every time it snows there are more than 100 accidents in the area. Today at rush hour there were more than 150, so I feel very thankful that Travis worked from home today. I always remember the time, several years ago, that it took Trav more than 9 hours to get home in the snow. That was a tough one. Although sledding the next day was really fun. I think we’re over it though. Chloe doesn’t even want to go outside to play in it. I still think it’s pretty.

This was my treat to me a couple of nights ago. It’s just coffee with cream and some Splenda sweetened cream on top, I even went a little crazy and put some nutmeg on the top. It was an Atkins delight. On the Atkins front, I guess it’s going well. I feel really good, except that I seem to catch a little virus here and there. Nothing serious but I’m feeling a bit blah today. It’s either a virus or it could be that the salad I ate last night has a little bit of wheat germ in it. Anyway, I’m eating well and I feel really good and I haven’t been able to say that in a long time.

Chloe asked me last night, “So Mom, when you’re off your diet, do you wanna have some gluten free doughnuts?” I said, “Of course.” Not taking into account that I really, really don’t like doughnuts. I’d prefer a scone and coffee or nearly any other sweet treat to a doughnut. I asked her if she’d have coffee with me and she said, “Um, hot cocoa for me please.”

She looks a lot like me but she’s much more like her dad. Although I have brought Travis over to the dark side with me…he drinks coffee with me now. Granted, it’s mostly cream but still…


One thought on “Apparently

  1. Kris just walked in the door. So glad he’s finally where he belongs. It’s like working two jobs on days like this. One to make money and one to make it home.

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