This morning I decided to read a story to the girls first thing instead of just jumping in to our lessons. I scanned the book shelf and decided on the Muffin Family story book that my parents bought for my brother and I when we were kids. It’s a collection of several books that tells a Bible story and then tells a corresponding Muffin family story. I don’t look at them often but when I flipped the cover open I saw this…

Apparently it was very important that if my book ever got lost, the finder should know that my car was gold. See the heart person? I used to draw heart people all.the.time. It was my go-to for people drawing.

When I flipped further into the book I realized that it must have gotten wet at some point because it’s, um, a little moldy.

It’s in the middle at the top. Bummer. It makes me realize how sentimental I am about some things. I may not have any traditions that I cling to but items with significance mean a lot to me. I remember that this book was a big part of my childhood. My parents would go to The Gospel Inn book store and buy a new book in the series when it came out. It was so exciting to me. Then we’d take turns reading a story every night for family devotions.

The girls seemed to enjoy it, even if Halle did look at me like this…

She didn’t really, I just think she’s cute.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Ha…a glimpse of little Amy. So CUTE! I love the gold car message and the heart person. Makes me wonder if I should let my kids write in their books.

    Halle…she is definitely cute. I don’t know if that could be argued in any way.

  2. I think I loved those books as much as you and Jon did…I couldn’t wait until the next one came out. And that’s where your dad got the name Poppy.

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