A Really Big Case…

Of writer’s block. I’m really not kidding. I’ve never actually tried to write so consistently before because this is just a hobby. But now, getting any words to come out and make sense it really, really difficult. It’s also possible that I’m bored. I get bored easily. I hear that the best way to get through writer’s block is to just write. I’m not so sure about that but I suppose I could give it a shot.

Travis played Mr. Mom this past weekend. Chloe was/is sick and there were Flat Stanley things to attend to so I did the out and about things and Travis stayed home and cleaned. Nice. Halle and I weren’t out for a very long time but just getting out of the house and not having to think about the laundry or dishes was fabulous. Sunday, he stayed home again so that I could go to church and then I was supposed to have lunch with Amanda, Brian and his parents but that ended up getting canceled so I ran errands and picked up a friend’s kiddo instead.

The day was just beautiful, sunny and 71 degrees, so I took the kids (minus Chloe) and the dog to the park. And, um, Daisy is *strong*. I had to really plant my feet to keep her from pulling me off of them. She gets so excited, probably because we haven’t taken her to the park as much as we should. Mostly because it’s been freezing…and I don’t feel bad about it. At all. It’s funny but my attitude towards dogs has changed since I have one. I’m much less, “oh, look at the sweet puppy” and much more “yes, you’re sweet but you’re a dog.” I don’t treat her like she’s my child, I treat her like she’s my dog. Sure, I give her bits of bacon when I cook it and I walk her when I can but my life doesn’t completely revolve around her.

I’ve set a new goal for myself, due to the vast amount of laundry Travis folded and put away on Sunday. It’s a small goal, unlike my usual grand schemes, and I’m hopeful that I can keep up with it. I want to wash, dry, fold and put away one load of laundry a day. That’s it. Technically I had to put today’s load into two batches because the washer was banging like crazy and while I was at it I decided to wash the red clothes. But still, I think I can do it. I just think that it would be nice to be able to go out and enjoy a Saturday instead of folding 18 baskets of clothes.

I’m also thinking of getting up earlier. Like, 7-ish. That’s not a big deal for you poor folks that get up at, say, 5-ish but that’s not a goal for me…that’s purgatory. I did get up at 7-ish this morning because, as I already said, I’m watching a friend’s kiddo for the next few days. And part of watching her is taking her to school in the morning. I have to say that I was very happy and energetic and ridiculously productive. I’m not bragging at all, I’m saying it because it’s different. I even swept and mopped the floor. That task in itself takes about 30 minutes, maybe longer. I realize that my house isn’t that big but the kitchen and hallway take up about 1/3 of it so it takes a while. The issue has been that every time I set a new getting up early regimen, I get sick. Every time. It’s been very frustrating to say the least. But when I get up earlier, I can get a bunch of chores done, then do school, work out and then…cook and clean some more. It doesn’t really sound like fun when I write it out like that. My kids like to say “when I’m a grown-up I can do whatever I want!” Um, yeah, about that…


One thought on “A Really Big Case…

  1. The laundry thing. I was just having a similar conversation with myself. I’ve got to do smaller bits everyday and quit saving up big piles of chores for one day. It’s harder on weeks like this one where I literally have an appointment with someone or for someone every single day. But it can be done. At our old house I had a good system for that thing because my laundry room had room to sort clothes right there. I would bring in the basket of dirties and sort it into three baskets that were on a shelf. The one that was most full got washed. Some days it was two, and some days three but it never got out of hand unless I neglected to take the laundry in there at all. Which did happen because I’m still me and all.

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