An Amazing Day

I have to hand it to Flat Stanley. His visit has forced the Button clan out of the house and into Franklin to do things we would probably have put off until “later”, whenever that is. It isn’t a lack of desire to get out and do things, it’s just that Chloe has been sick the.whole.time. he’s been here. She’s definitely feeling better but I let her play the beginning of last week and she had a full fledged relapse. So I’ve made her rest past the point that she felt better.

There were a couple of places that I really wanted to take Flat Stanley but since one of them requires a hike into the woods and the other requires a not sick kid, I had to put it off. Thankfully, Chloe was well enough to ride in the car on Saturday and Travis was sweet enough to chauffeur me around.

He’s pretty cute…it’s a bummer that the lighting wasn’t ideal. It was a beautiful day, very sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for the best pictures.

Travis agreed to drop Halle, Daisy and I off at Pinkerton Park so we could hike to Fort Granger while he drove around to the main entrance. That way it seemed like I wasn’t really hiking with just the smallest Button and the dog. And as it turned out, there were lots of people hiking to the Fort that day.

Here’s a bit of the hike…I just love it!

It gets a little steep but it’s short and is something that even little kids can do. Daisy loved it! And I’ll confess that I had this hike in mind when I was pining for a dog.

Hey, it’s a picture of me! That hardly ever happens. There was a very sweet girl that offered to take a picture of the three of us.

This was our vantage point from the top and it makes it pretty clear why the Union soldiers chose this spot to build their fort.

That’s the Harpeth River below. The same Harpeth that flooded and put parts of Pinkerton Park under 15 + feet of water last May.

And while it looks like an open field, this is actually Fort Granger. It’s beautiful in the summer.

I hadn’t heard of an earthen fort before I visited here. What looks like the side of a hill here was actually dug by Union soldiers as the outside wall of the fort. It’s not as glamorous as say, the Castillo de San Marcos, but it’s still interesting. And it’s much less of a drive.

Then we found this…

Travis thinks it’s from a goat. You don’t see those everyday.

Then we visited the Factory. I hurried in for pictures and I took Daisy with me just to see if I could actually get her inside the place (it’s pet friendly). Daisy is mostly a big fraidy-cat and if it even looks like I’m going to take her inside a place that isn’t our house, she freaks out. I’ve had to tell people that I’m not hurting her, it just sounds like I am. It’s very embarrassing.

But she went inside!!! And she only yelped once! And her tongue looks bigger than her head here. It was the only picture I could get of her face though. As soon as she saw an exit door she dragged me towards it but she went inside and I was happy with that. I figure we’ll take baby steps towards all the things I want her to do.

Then we raced off to Carnton Plantation. The sun was setting so I had to hurry. I got shots of every monument to every state that lost soldiers in the Battle of Franklin. This is the one that I liked the best.

And it happened to be Tennessee’s monument. I want to be careful to not make Flat Stanley’s album creepy. I’m not sure how well second grader’s will respond to cemetery shots. I also picked up a bunch of brochures to send but a lot of them emphasize how bloody the battle was. Or ghosts. I think I’ll send them because they have great pictures of the plantation but I’ll let Landon’s teacher use her judgement on what the kids should read.

All-in-all it’s been really fun. And for the first time in a very long time, I got to be the one doing the fun stuff instead of being at home sick. That is a really good feeling. And I see many more hikes in my future.


6 thoughts on “An Amazing Day

  1. How fun! That jawbone reminds me of one we found when we were volunteering on a clean-up day. We thought maybe it was a hog jaw. So weird, right?

    • Ummmm, maybe? If we could get through a school week without someone being sick we could take an actual break šŸ˜¦

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