It was just a few short weeks ago that I told a friend and all of you that things were “calm”. I was happy with calm. I was content with calm. And now things are not calm.

I wasn’t ready for that.

There have been times that I haven’t been content but recently I have been. For the first time in my life I felt truly content with the way things were and I have to say, it was a really nice feeling. I had a sense that something was coming, I just didn’t think that overnight we’d come to the realization that in order to move forward, we’d have to sell our house.

The upside is that we’re doing things that have needed to be done for years now but I really wanted to just focus on homeschool. I figured we’d wait until I was done with the school year and then we’d start working on things again in the summer. I’ve never gotten a house ready to sell and I think it’s a lot scarier than buying a house. When you’re buying, everyone is willing to do the work for you. A real estate agent shows the houses, a loan officer makes the loan, inspectors inspect and all we had to do was make decisions…and sign papers. I liked the buying side much better. Except I was so nervous I didn’t sleep for a month. Bah! It makes me want to get through this, move somewhere and park it for the rest of my life.

A week from tomorrow, assuming we have all the supplies, our bathroom is getting ripped out. We’ve talked about it since the first time we saw the house and now it seems that it’s actually going to happen. I’ll be at my parent’s house because the laundry room has to be emptied too so that the flooring can be replaced. I probably don’t need to tell you that there’s no room for people in the house when we have to empty a room and store things inside the house. It would be really nice to have a garage.

I think that most often, it’s the times that I’m uncomfortable that brings the most growth. I’m very uncomfortable right now and I realize how much I like/need for things to be calm and normal and predictable. I think I’m just a little surprised at how uncomfortable this whole thing has made me. I thought I was more adventurous than that. I always picture myself as strong, kind of like a sunflower. They don’t need much. They’ll grow pretty much anywhere. But in reality I’m more like an orchid. If there’s too much water, I wilt. If there’s not enough, I wilt. Too much sun? Wilting. Not enough sun? Hear that? It’s me…wilting. I am very, very thankful that “His strength is made perfect in our (my) weakness.”

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Here are some photos of the remodeling fun…

Chloe has gotten big enough that she was a really big help. Taping things up went much faster…

Halle helped too but mostly she was there for our dose of cuteness.

What is seriously not cute is the outlets.

Previous owners had painted over the outlet and cover, leaving behind this mess. The simple solution was to buy outlet covers that are intended to be painted or wallpapered over.

At $2.50 a piece, we felt it was worth spending a little extra to not have to replace 4 outlets. And even though they can be painted, I don’t intend to. I think the white looks fine.

Now to tackle another closet…


4 thoughts on “Content?

  1. I’ve always thought of myself as low maintenance too, until I traveled with two guys named Brent and Henry. At first they were very quick to tell me how easy going I was (in comparison to who I replaced, I was like an extra throw pillow in the van). However, they also made it clear to me that I was getting too picky at times. Like the time they asked me where I wanted to eat and I said, “Whatever you guys want.” Which was followed by my turning my nose up to everything mentioned and stating that, “A cafe’ that serves crepes sounds really good.”

    So…we will be going through Birmingham next weekend on our way to our family reunion in Dowling Park, FL. Shall we wave or call? 🙂

    • I’ll know for sure in a few days…but if I’m there, definitely call! Although it would be funny to live so close and then actually see each other in another state 😀

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