There’s just too much going on here to talk about any of it in any depth. Things are good and busy and challenging and changing.

Amanda got a new job today. In a week and a half, she’ll be done waiting tables and will have a big-girl job with the same company that Travis works for. God gave her a heaping helping of favor and I think her super-cute shoes helped too. Like, seriously cute shoes. I used to buy cute shoes. Sigh.

The bathroom remodel is going to have to wait a week. It works out better that way though because I’ll end up getting to spend my Dad’s birthday with him. I can’t remember the last time that happened. And for how ever long we live here, I will not have to look at that turquoise bath tub again. Ever. Except in pictures…which I will throw darts at. Kidding.

Chloe is all moved into her room. She vacuums it every day and makes her bed. Except for today because I had to wash her comforter…but she made it as much as she could. Her room is the cleanest one in the house and I can’t take any credit for it.

Halle slept in her own room for the first time ever. I expected crying and screaming and begging. Instead she asked for her door to be left open “four amounts” and she went to sleep. When she got up the next morning she dreamily sighed, “I have my own room.” I’m crediting that to divine intervention.

We went to Bowie Nature Park a couple of times last week. The first was with just the Life Group ladies and our kids. It was great to sit and talk while the kids played on a huge playground. It’s similar to Pinkerton Park but the one at Bowie is bigger. It takes 20-ish minutes for us to get there but I really love it so I think it’s worth it. We met most of the Life Group there after church on Sunday too. There are a lot of hiking trails and the one I walked with the LG ladies on was nice and wide and shady…and there may or may not have been a pile of horse poo that I stepped in. We walked with all the girl kids and we got to meet a couple of horses. The kids loved them and so.did.I. They wanted to be petted and were so friendly. Apparently they really like peppermints so I’m taking some with me next time I go just in case I see them again.

And now I must clean for I have asked a friend to come over at 9am and there will be no time for that in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Quickly

  1. I’m so glad for all three of your girls. So many confidence building moves in the Button family. So…is Amanda doing Eric’s old job? Kidding. I love that Halle likes having her own room. What a blessing!!!!

    Can’t wait to see all these changes. I really need to schedule a trip to Franklin, it’s not going to just happen on it’s own I realize.

    Its neat that you can spend your dad’s birthday with him. As my three year old would say…”That’s another one blessing.”

  2. Ummm, Eric’s job isn’t exactly her speed 🙂 She’ll be an office assistant which is right up her alley. She likes to organize things…and boss people around but I don’t think she’ll get to do that just yet.

    Yes…a trip to Franklin is a *really* good idea.

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