I haven’t posted in more than a month and so I suppose I should play catch-up. A lot has happened and I think when I last posted, I was about to leave for Birmingham so that Travis and some friends could install a new tub. I’m happy to say that the new tub is in and I have taken many hot baths without duct tape brushing against my leg. Did I mention that Travis had duct taped some parts of it? No? Well, he did. It’s almost completely done but as soon as the bathroom was functional and there was paint on the walls Travis started working a lot. Like 14-20 hour days. He’s done with that thankfully so we should be completely finished with things soon. It’s really just some caulking and some trim that needs to be finished. I find that those things take the longest though. Mostly because the room is functional and we tend to forget about it.

I suppose I should rewind to Birmingham. It was a great trip for me and Daisy and I came back a few days before my parents brought Chloe and Halle back so that I could paint and try to get the house in order for Amanda’s 21st (!) birthday party.

We visited my Aunt and Uncle’s garden shop.

I love bumble bees.

And pretty little girls in braids…and climbing roses too. Okay, I really love climbing roses. There’s an article about them in the May issue of Southern Living and an article featuring a garden that my uncle did. Yep, the same uncle. My parents were sweet to buy a tomato plant for me. It’s a Tom Thumb  Tiny Tim (you can probably understand the mix-up) which my uncle said I could grow in a container. I’ve successfully grown yellow pear tomatoes in a container but others, not so much. So we’ll see how this goes. It’s amazing how much effort I invest in them considering that I don’t even like tomatoes.

We visited the Botanical Garden too which was great because 1. it was fun and 2. I could count it as a school day.

Halle got tired so my dad carried her…Richard style.

And I think that’s enough catching up for one day.  I’m good. I realize that I’ve been absent but it’s just the season I’m in. God has us in a season where we’re being stretched and pruned and it’s not very pleasant. I’ve been through testing and such before and it’s always hard. I could try to wrap it up nicely with a pretty bow but the bottom line is that seasons of being tested stink. They just do. I’m always thankful on the other side 1. because it’s done and 2. because I’m different. God always brings changes that couldn’t have been brought about any other way. And while I’m not particularly thankful right this second, I know I will be.

Oh, and if you have one less friend on Facebook, I didn’t un-friend you. I just deleted my account. It’s no big tragedy, I just need a clear head and I don’t need that distraction right now. That is all.


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