So Much

I think I’ve mentioned the season we’re in. There is much stretching and weeding and planting going on, much like in my little garden. This was all quite unexpected and honestly, it was also quite unwelcome. I felt like I’d had thismuch downtime, so little time to have nothing to be stressed about and I was angry about it. It’s amazing to me that a little stretching and pulling happens and I can turn into a two year old, kicking and screaming and crying for my own way. Clearly some things in me needed to die and I can say now that I am truly thankful for this season. This isn’t my first rodeo and I knew I would be thankful but it seemed like I would never get there. I suppose a few months isn’t really that long. I am starting to see though that Travis and I are so different now than when we’ve gone through rough times before. And I think that “thankful” is a really big understatement. Words like grateful and humbled also come to mind. Travis and I are closer than we ever have been, especially considering how much he’s working. It’s *a lot* and to be able to communicate without having a meltdown…or very few meltdowns…is a miracle.

It’s funny that every time we say we’re going to put the house on the market, some big life thing happens and really slows everything down. We were a house-fixing machine for a while there. And now Travis has been working nearly non-stop. At this rate I can really see it taking at least most of the rest of this year to finish. And I have to be okay with it. Actually, it helps me a lot stress-wise to give myself more time. Although I’m really nearly done with everything I can do. I still need to paint trim and the ceilings and after that I think I’m done.

We’ve lived here for nearly 5 years now. I can’t even believe it. And during that time Travis has refused to buy a hedge trimmer. Why? Because he was very, very hung up on where to put it. We don’t have a lot of storage space (I’ll give you a tour of our storage closet sometime) and it really stresses him out. Do you remember me writing about how much I love the view from our front windows? Well, I couldn’t see out of them.

Really, one of my joys is to sip coffee on the couch in the morning while looking at the hills in the distance. But I couldn’t see the hills. All I could see were these burning bushes. I love them, really. They turn the most amazing red in the fall and through the winter they sport orange-red berries and they look amazing covered in snow. Now? Not so much. So I finally had a conversation with Travis that went something like this “I love you and I know you said to not buy a hedge trimmer but I’m buying a hedge trimmer.” He stammered a bit and objected with “but where will we put it?” And I offered a solution. “Hang it on a nail in the storage closet.” And that was it. He occasionally get so focused on a problem that he can’t see past it (personally, I never do that) but I offered a solution and he bought the trimmer for me. That was a marriage light bulb moment.

So, the morning after he bought it, before I’d had any coffee, I attacked the beast of a bush.

Unfortunately, it was tall and I am not. I also don’t have a ladder but I’m going to have to side with Travis on that one. We really don’t have room to store it. So I had to resort to plan B.

Why, yes, I did trim them from inside. I’m thankful that I can just slide the screens up to the top of the window rather than having to remove them. It was easy, if not slightly embarrassing. One of the neighbors drove by and I think they were pointing and laughing.

But I got to drink coffee while looking at the hills in the distance. Nice.


2 thoughts on “So Much

  1. Personally, I LOVE the fact that you trimmed your bushes from inside your house. That is awesome!

    Sometimes Kris and I have those hiccups too, where I see something as urgent and he can’t see a workable solution and almost refuses to talk about it. There have been times I’ve just done it myself without telling him I was going to, so that he wouldn’t discourage me.

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