Of Squash and Such

I don’t grow a lot of things. I’ve tried to grow lots of things. I’ve had success with a few things.

That is my gardening story. I had such high hopes for pumpkins and it was just not meant to be. I did actually grow a couple of them but it took so much effort and cost about $40 each for them, I finally threw up the white flag. It just wasn’t worth the time or effort. I have had some decent success with squash lately. I was nervous because the plants look so much like pumpkins. Oh, right, they’re both gourds! It was a light bulb moment..kidding. Actually it was a bad memories moment and if I’d remembered that I would probably have not planted it.

Do you know what this is?

This is what happens when you take your camera from a 70 degree house to the great outdoors when it’s 90 degrees. It was around 9am. That doesn’t happen very often in Tennessee. And I’m thankful for that.

These guys are what’s for dinner. I haven’t decided how to cook them yet although we usually grill them.

The smallest one was probably picked too early but it was an accident.

I found vine borers on my plants a couple of days ago and had bad dreams about them that night. Yesterday I picked one off and smooshed it. I’ve found a couple of recommendations for dealing with them which  I might try but I’m also going to plant some more seeds. I read that the vine borer season ends in July so I might be able to grow some without having to worry about them. I’m also going to look into some cool weather crops like kale and broccoli.

I love, love, love just going outside and plucking off a bit of basil to toss into a dish. I wouldn’t even think of it if I wasn’t growing any. I did that last night and Travis said, “The basil is subtle but appreciated.” That made me happy.

These are dahlias from a friend’s garden. She brought them to life group to share and I think they may become one of my new favorites. My sunflower garden is in full swing again too. I love them but they do block a lot of light and space from my garden area so I might have to do something else with them next year.

Some of you may be wondering, given Amanda’s recent announcement, why I’m not blogging about that. It’s because she’s excited but also overwhelmed. I’d love to tell the story but there’s actually a level of excitement that I can’t cross because she doesn’t need that right now. I have to be subdued-excited for now. And I’m fine with that.


7 thoughts on “Of Squash and Such

  1. Bad dreams about garden bugs? Awful.

    Know that we’re praying for Amanda. We love her dearly.

    A get-together is needed, for sure. Especially if all of Amanda’s plans come to pass. Time. Is. Short.

    • Yes. Time. Short. I’m tired. We have dozens of scholarship applications to fill out and it has to be done quickly. But we do need to get together soon 😦

  2. Vine borers are my mortal enemies. I have never, never, never gotten a fully ripened squash from my garden.
    Love the dahlias too 🙂

    • Christy, I really think it’s Florida. I know how many bugs you guys have compared to Tennessee. Really. It’s awful.

    • We planted the seeds in the pots provided and I let the girls plant them in the garden bed and we got a couple of leaves. The package says, “guaranteed to grow” but they didn’t. It was a bit of a bummer.

  3. Nice harvest. It looks pretty on that blue and white plate too. I’ve always like blue and yellow together.

    I am super happy for Amanda, I know she is going to enjoy what’s next. It won’t always be easy, but it will be good. It will be very good.

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