Two and Two

It’s approximately two weeks until Amanda moves back in with us and two weeks until school starts for her. I have purging and rearranging to do although I’m not sure what I’ll purge. I did that just recently. She’s selling all of her stuff though and that will make it easier. Three adults and one bathroom will not be easy but I have a feeling that she’ll be working so much that we won’t see her a lot. Although I wish that wasn’t the case.

It’s just kind of crazy the way it all happened. A week and a half ago she called me and was frustrated about something, or everything really. And I threw it out there, “Why don’t you go to Southeastern for a semester and see what happens?” That’s a very simplified paraphrase. It was much more passionate than that because I’m nothing if not passionate. And she called back a little while later and said, “Mom, I’m really considering what you said.” I was shocked! I never expected it to stick. Really. I’d just mentioned it a week prior and she told me unequivocally that she was never, ever going to go to college. God has a way of bringing us to the end of ourselves though. She feels like she’s at a dead end here and Travis and I agree with her.

But I am really going to miss her.

So, this season has gotten a lot more stressful. And also a lot more exciting. We really hadn’t planned on taking any kind of vacation this summer and now I see why. I’m looking forward to going to Florida…even if it is in August…bleh!

Some funny things…

I told her that she could leave her pea coats at home. She asked (somewhat shocked), “Won’t I need them in November?” I laughed and laughed.

She has very wavy, very thick hair. I was able to reminisce about my bad hair year. 8:30 classes + Florida summer humidity= seriously bad hair. We rarely get that type of humidity here. And for that I’m thankful.

Bunk beds. The dorms have them. My 21 year old is not overly excited.

Some exciting things…


She’ll be really close to family and friends.

Disney! Whaaat? We haven’t been to Disney since she was 9. It’s kind of sad really.

Downtown Disney or whatever they call it these days. It’s really her most favorite place.

And maybe we’ll visit more often now. She’s planning on studying communications/theatre/film (not sure how all that works yet) and so there will be shows and she will be in them. And we’re not missing it. I’m really, really glad we homeschool because we can take a trip if we need to. And I’ll just go ahead and throw out the obvious…we’re not moving back. I figured I’d add it before anyone got hopeful…or nervous for that matter. I love Florida and I love our family but Tennessee is where we’ve made our home. Although I always pictured myself living in North Carolina 😉

And now I should wrap up this Amanda-centric post. I have a ton of scholarship applications to help her with in addition to keeping the house running. But I’ll leave you with this really fun site (if you haven’t seen it already). Pinterest. It is seriously fun and very helpful. A few years ago I found the plans for my dream house…and then I lost it. I searched 24 pages of Southern Living’s website to find it to no avail. I did find several other really cool house plans and pinned them to my board so I don’t lose them. This is my favorite, I think. Or maybe this one. I do love Cape Cod style. I’m dreaming of some land in the Natchez Trace area. Yeah, I know, it’s pricey out there. But you never know, sometimes dreams come true.


5 thoughts on “Two and Two

  1. I got myself invited to pinterest but I haven’t done anything about it yet. I love the idea though. fun.

    And sigh, Amanda, sigh, wow. What a big, big thing this is and how wonderfully exciting and scary and fantastic and painful and perfect it’s all going to be. I am just really happy for her. Knowing how close she will be to where Kris’ parents live is kinda cool in my mind and I know we will be seeing her…possibly more than we see her now. 🙂

    • I think that because it’s “home” it’s less scary for me. We have a lot of family and like you said, you guys will visit and there’s the Sallees…I’m not obligating them but Christy mentioned it on Amanda’s fb page. So I really just expect that it’s all going to come together because it’s the right thing. I suppose I could be surprised but I’m going to do my best to not worry.

  2. Whaaat? You have Pinterest boards? I’m totally gonna follow your boards 🙂
    I am excited to see what this new season will bring for you & yours. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m excited about the possibility of seeing you more often.

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