So, I’ve realized something about myself lately that I thought you might find interesting…

I don’t actually like squash.

So why grow it? I’m not sure. I think I read that it was easy to grow and I wanted to grow something that I could actually eat. And then I remembered that I actually, really hate cooked squash. It’s gross and slimy and it doesn’t really taste like anything except gross slimy-ness. The only way I really like it is raw, in a salad. That way it’s just sort of crunchy and there are a bunch of other flavors that I do like plus salad dressing so I put it on my salad. Travis is fine either way. I mean, I could call him Mikey but that would confuse him for at least 15 seconds. Really, that guy eats anything I make. Even if I don’t like it.

A couple of nights ago I decided to actually use the squash I picked so I made some brown rice, shredded the squash (so as not to get any slimy seeds), and added some chicken andouille chicken sausage and basil. And honestly, I could barely swallow it. I hated it. Travis? He loved it. And I decided to stop trying to make myself eat things I hate. Eating (for me at least) is difficult enough. I like broccoli. That’s good, right?

I think I’m going to rip out the squash plants and make an herb garden. I’m actually having real trouble with cilantro. Who would have thought? Herbs are supposed to be really easy.

Something that is easy? Bugs. Not the ones you’re thinking…but these cute little guys.

I didn’t notice until I uploaded the photo that It’s blurry. But they’ve all been eaten so I can’t take another one. Such is the life of a bug shaped scone. More scone-ish than actual scone. They’re gluten free after all.

This sweet little buggy pan was on clearance for under $6 at Target and had originally been $23. Nice.

It wasn’t dirty when I bought it. And you know what? It was so much fun! I’ve realized (I had help realizing) that it’s been a really long time since I’ve had any fun. It’s a long sob story that I’ll skip but the jist of it is that I haven’t really been cooking or baking or singing or creating or painting or taking long walks in the city I love or anything else that I enjoy in a really long time.  And then I picked up this cake pan. You should have heard the girls squealing over it. That is fun in itself, my friends!

Often it really is the little things…


4 thoughts on “Squash…Bleh!

  1. LOL! I find it funny that you don’t like one of the things you’ve successfully grown. The bug scones are adorable and cute and, yes, fun! Those shapes are even something the boys would enjoy. I wonder if there are any more of them. I LIKE.

  2. So great! I hate squash too and came to the same conclusion about it in my garden. It’s a lot of work and always full of squash bugs and I never even get squash from it, but I keep trying to grow it! Not this year, though. This year, I wised up.
    Love your little buggy pan – so cute and sooo fun!

  3. Well, even if you LIKE squash, I gather that your own squash plant produces more than the average squash-liker likes. Make sense? Apart from my black thumb, I’m quite happy picking up a zucchini when I need one. 🙂

    SO happy you had fun! I’d love to taste the gluten free scones… more soon over coffee? Ya know, before we’re GONE. 😦

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