Something New!

Last week during the little adventure that Chloe and I took, I stumbled upon a little clearance patio table. It was half price plus another 25 percent off. It wasn’t super-cute, rather it looked like my neighbors pool furniture from the ’80’s. But it was a table and it was cheap! Then my phone rang. It was the hubs with some news about something or other and I was able to present my table purchase for approval (I hadn’t intended on purchasing a table that day) and he did the math and figure it should be $24. Sold! When I got to the register it ended up ringing up for the regular sale price but I explained that it was supposed to be another 25 percent off and I think he must have given me a percentage off besides that (possibly because it rang up wrong?) so it was $24 out the door. Ahem, I didn’t realize that it rhymed…at the time. Haha…I’m stopping now.

Here’s Trav putting it together. Which he did in about 10 minutes. He’s really good at that kind of thing.

He hates having his picture taken but I like this one. He’s pretty cute.

This is one of my sunflowers. I thought it was funny that it was almost exactly half open. I love it when they’re blooming. A few days ago I saw a hummingbird sipping nectar from some of these flowers. I just stood there drinking it all in. I didn’t rush to find my camera because I knew I’d miss it.

Here’s my new table.

It was dark by the time it was all together. What’s that you say? Those chairs are rusty? Well, I never! How did I not notice that? Kidding. I bought those cushions last year and knew I needed to refinish the chairs but wasn’t in a hurry so they didn’t get done at all. It’s probably a good idea for me to hurry. Now of course, it’s my goal to do the table and chairs at the same time so they all match. Which will likely happen sometime after we get back from taking Amanda to college.

Oh, and did you notice the sunflower wall? Oh yeah! I didn’t plant any of those, the birds did last year. I actually pulled out a bunch and that was after I’d dug out the entire garden. These things are unstoppable I tell ‘ya! It makes a really great screen between our patio and our neighbors house. The neighbor on our left is a really nice guy but I like to sunbathe and our houses are too close for comfort. A fence would be great but that’s not happening right now. So the sunflowers will do.

It was about 78 degrees at 10 yesterday morning so I thought I’d read my Bible and sip coffee outside…at my new table. Yay!

Approximately 5 minutes after I took this picture the sun came out and started baking me. I tried to keep reading but had to try to shield my eyes from the glare. I was defeated. But autumn is coming. Now if I could just somehow score a deal on a firepit…


7 thoughts on “Something New!

  1. I LOVE OUTDOOR SPACES. I noticed the sunflower wall in the picture and thought you must have planted it on purpose. How clever of those little birds to do that for you. I have a tutorial that Kristy left here many years ago on how to make a garden tent canopy. Want it?

    • Does it involve sewing? ‘Cause you know how I am with sewing 😉 If it was easy enough I might give it a shot. And the outdoor space? It feels like we have an extra room now…ahhh, space!

      • it does involve a little sewing but I could do that part if you were truly serious about the rest of it. It’s two seams and then stitch around the outside. The other part involves PVC pipe, drilling holes, bolts and attaching things. fun right?

  2. I love it! Our outdoor spaces aren’t too pretty – our chairs are wicker, so they aren’t rusty, but they are falling apart and flaking paint terribly! But it’s no matter. Being able to be outside is what counts. And I’m totally jealous that you’ll be getting cooler weather in the coming days.

    • The Florida heat…it’s pathetic to say that it’s one of the big reasons I wanted to leave. I really don’t care for being hot. I probably also shouldn’t tell you that it’s sunny and 84 today…that’s mean of me isn’t it? Sorry. It is uncharacteristic for August though 🙂

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