I’ve been back for 3 whole weeks now. Don’t fret though, I haven’t been crying into my coffee every morning. I’ve just been thinking and trying to find what normal is and the girls and I were enjoying our last little bit of summer.

Then last week hit us like a train.

School started for Chloe and Halle, I helped a friend that’s moving to India (I should/could maybe say more than that…later…maybe…they say it better), I helped a friend with her wedding reception and both of those friends needed more help than I realized so I did a bit more than I thought I would and school ended up just getting scrapped by the end of the week. I really tried, honest. But life happened and we’ll do better this week.

I want to write about our trip and all that happened and the amazing things that have happened since then but I got distracted by this last week…

We spent 3 days out at this place last week helping set up for a wedding reception. Oddly enough these are the only 3 pictures I took and I didn’t take any of the very cool barn or any of the decorations or flower arrangements… It’s a bit disappointing but I was busy and didn’t want to take a lot of time to take pictures. I wish I had. It was so beautiful and Iย  fell in love.

Today? Today is school for Halle, Chloe will likely do homework even though she has a cold. Then I will chauffeur some ferns to Columbia (south of here) so that the lovely couple can honeymoon and not worry about things like returning ferns.


3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. It looks like a lovely place. I haven’t written about Tisra moving either. Why? I think I might cry and I don’t have the words I suppose. I intend to though. I fully intend to.

  2. Oh – what a beautiful place! I wish I could see it up close & in real life ๐Ÿ™‚ We have taken much the same approach to getting school started for Emma this year – life has gotten in the way a lot, but we’re getting there.

    • Christy…anytime ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I don’t really have access to that place anytime but I’m sure I could figure something out.

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