You Might Have Noticed

So, you might have noticed that my last post is missing. It is and it’s not a computer glitch. See, Travis and I have vastly different views of what being discreet is. My view of being discreet is what I wrote and his is more something like this…

God is doing big stuff! Yay!

Only he wouldn’t say it like that. I suppose that’s the cheerleader version. He’d say it in a guy way. But I’m not a guy.

Anybody that knows us knows that we are really different. Different is good. As it applies to us, he keeps me from flying off into space, um scratch that, I don’t want to go into space. He keeps me from taking off on a cross-country road trip at the drop of a hat and I keep him from being too…I’m not sure that anything I could say here wouldn’t sound insulting. And that certainly isn’t my intent. Travis is just a really cautious guy. And in this case, it pertained directly to him so I pulled the post. It’s not the first time our ideas of what’s discreet and what isn’t haven’t lined up. And it won’t be the last.

I really do enjoy playing the part of the spit-fire in our relationship. It’s fun and it hasn’t made him crazy. Well, sometimes it does. But I find it very amusing and our life might be boring otherwise. I’m very thankful to be married to a guy that gets me, that doesn’t expect me to be perfect and tells me I’m beautiful about 100 times a day. I really like that about him.




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