The Year in Review Part 2

Our anniversary followed dropping Amanda off at school and at the very last minute my Dad suggested we meet at a resort in Florence, AL. While it may sound a little kooky to meet my parents at a resort, my Dad gets a ridiculously low rate because he works for a world class golf trail that’s associated with it. Seeing as how we weren’t planning on a fabulous resort retreat for that anniversary it sounded fabulous!

The girls loved the aquarium. Yes, the girls were with us. They kept my Mom and Dad company while Travis and I explored the area.

It had a swanky hallway and fabulous floors.

The view from our balcony to the left was the Tennessee River.

And to the right was the resort pool.

The decor is a bit rustic/outdoorsy…

They cater to golfers after all.

It was warm for the end of September and my Dad spent hours swimming with the girls. For them it was the best trip ever. The kid swimming like a fish? That’s Chloe.

This resort is in Muscle Shoals, AL and is close to the Rosenbaum House which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

This is the front of the house.

The most fantastic part of the whole house was the windows. The focal point of everything was the outdoors which is a big bonus because while I appreciate the design to an extent, the inside of the house was ugly and impractical. Frank Lloyd Wright was an egomaniac. In my humble opinion, of course.

He said of the Rosenbaums that they lived in the house “properly” and that’s because they never changed a thing. The floors were concrete, in Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite color, brick red.

Sorry for the blurry pics. My camera had gotten increasingly unreliable…so it was replaced for Christmas. That wasn’t in time for this though.

This blurry shot (wink) is looking from the study into the living room and dining area.

And here’s the study, my favorite room in the house.

I think it’s because this room had carpet. It felt like the most comfortable room in the house. I could do the whole tour but I think that I might save that for better pictures and another day. I’d definitely see the house again. I couldn’t live in it but I really liked the tour. The tour guide was very personable, let me ask a lot of questions and he let me take pictures of the whole house once the tour was done. A lot of museums and tours like that won’t.

Travis and I also discovered Florence. It had a large, historic downtown. It’s not as nice as Franklin’s because a lot of stores were closed or hadn’t been refurbished. There were quite a few nice restaurants though. We ate at Rosie’s Cantina.

I loved it although I’m certain that something I ate had gluten in it. I got a little careless. I made up for it that night when we found a Demos‘ (the commercials pronounce it Demus), the only one outside of TN and they had a gluten free menu. I had steak and Jim’s famous spinach (love that stuff) and my tummy that had been aching a bit felt much better. I wish there was a Demo’s in Franklin.

We wanted to get to the Helen Keller house but it was closed on Sunday…bummer. I guess we’ll have to go back (insert sly grin here).

I loved everything about this trip and I really want to go back. For you Nashvillians, it’s only about 2 1/2 hours from Franklin so it could be a day trip although I highly recommend the Marriott Shoals, Rosie’s Cantina and downtown Florence for a fun mini vacation.

Happy Traveling,



3 thoughts on “The Year in Review Part 2

  1. It really sounds perfect. I would love to see all of those things. So glad you shared some pictures with us. Makes me miss that clear blue sky and sunshine from September though. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh how wonderful! That looks like such a nice getaway. I’m not a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright either, but I do like that he always looked to the outdoors first as his main design element. But I think it’s all the straight lines if modernism that bother me…I don’t like straight lines πŸ™‚

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