A Mad Dash

Amanda has been here for 3 weeks now and it’s time for her to go back to school. I’m a little sad. I’m also in a mad rush to get her car fixed so she can leave. What happened to her car you ask?

A raccoon. A raccoon happened to her car.

She was driving home from school with her friend, Taylor and they were both really sick…and they got lost in Alabama. They were on some kind of back road and a raccoon ran out in front of her. And the ill, sweet college girls sobbed.

When they got to Birmingham my Dad took Amanda to get her oil changed and the mechanic said she had a leak in her a/c and her radiator. Since it was at a Jiffy Lube and her car hadn’t shown any signs of overheating they decided to let us take care of it when she got home.

To make a long story short we took the car to a mechanic on Friday to get the radiator fixed and found out that it was cracked, along with the air conditioner and he asked her if she’d hit an animal. The estimate? 1K. D’oh!

I made a call to the insurance company and as it turns out, hitting an animal is covered under comprehensive on her policy. The policy we’d changed to less than a month earlier. The policy that Travis insisted on because it had a lower deductible. Good job, Honey.

Now I’m waiting to hear from the adjuster so I can get the mechanic to finish the work.

Which is helping me to forget that I won’t see her for two months and she only gets 1 break during the spring semester. I wonder if I can make a trip to Florida before April?





3 thoughts on “A Mad Dash

  1. Surely there’s room for a trip to Florida before April. Just don’t get lost in Alabama or anything. Yikes. I’ve never heard of such a thing…and I’m pretty familiar with back roads, rodents and the unintentional combination of car and fur. Growing up in the middle of nowhere has it’s share of ew.

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