My Girl, Button Girl

We sent Amanda off last night, first to my parent’s house in Birmingham so that they could make the rest of the trip to school with her. They wanted to celebrate a late Christmas with my brother and his family and also wanted to make sure that Amanda got to school safely. It’s convenient since my brother and SEU are in the same city.

She picked her car up yesterday, half finished, and it’s sort of a long story. The little caravan made it as far as Dothan, AL when her car started pouring transmission fluid. I got a call from her that went something like this

“(mumble, mumble, mumble,) been shot! Pouring fluid!”

As much as I appreciate my daughter’s dramatic side, I wasn’t appreciating it at that moment. The translation was that Babette, her car, looked like she’d been shot because transmission fluid was pouring out. No one had actually been shot.

Babette has now been towed and is in a repair shop in Dothan. It can’t be looked at until tomorrow and then they’ll determine whether or not it had anything to do with the damage from the raccoon. It will be at least Monday before it can be repaired so she and my parents are driving on to Lakeland. This whole thing seems so bizarre. It has been taken completely out of my hands and is in the hands of people I’ve never met before and my parents. I’m praying for wisdom for everyone involved and trust that 1. this didn’t take God by surprise and 2. that He has a plan. I’ll also say that I don’t like this feeling of being completely useless. I’m so thankful though that my parents are there, making the decisions and taking care of her so she’s not there by herself.

And now, I have a little announcement. I’ve started another little project where I’ll be postingĀ  tutorials, recipes, homeschool ideas, etc. I’m not completely sure how much of that site will contain thoughts like this or what it looks like. I have a plan but I’m also trying to figure out what it’s all going to look like and how it’s going to come together. Probably the best way to figure it out is to actually commit to writing there and not so much over here. I’m a little sad because Button Girl is a cute title but is sort of unrealistic for me to keep forever. Which I outline in my first post at My goal is to post two days a week and I’ve done that for this week. I’ve got tons of ideas for posting fun, relevant things for people that have the same interests as I do. I envision myself as a faith-based DIY-stay-at-home-gluten-free-homeschooling-mom….that has a dog.

I hope you’ll follow along. I want to have a lot of fun in the process of making things pretty or delicious or crafty…whatever we’re doing that day.

Blessings (because I really don’t want to say adieu),



Getting Lost

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to Columbia to return some ferns for a friend and I did.

And I got lost.

More than once.

It was fortuitous though because I’d never been to Columbia and I couldn’t have known that they had a very cool, historic downtown. Like Franklin only this one could be way cooler if they did some publicizing…and refurbishing. And I didn’t have my camera so I can’t show you what it looked like. Sorry. If (when) I go back I’ll take some pictures. There are so many cities around here that have historic downtown areas that are fantastic but you never hear of them. Lebanon, Gallatin and Columbia, I know there are more but I guess you just have to stumble on them.

But back to the story, I ended up not taking the right turn and saw ahead of me what looked like a capitol building. It was Columbia’s courthouse built in the middle of the town square with shops built all around it. Halle said, “Mommy can we get out right now?” So we did. We went into a toy store and then an antique shop where I found a bicycle helmet (really) and then I found these…

Pretty, huh? My favorite is the blue, of course.

There were a couple of ladies in the shop, the owner and an apparent acquaintance, and I got some very good tips for the next time I can “kraut”, as in “sauer”. I thanked her for her “old wives tale” wisdom and said that the next time I canned kraut, which would be never, I’d keep it in mind. She gave me a shove on my arm and laughed so I think we’re best friends now. I like those gals. And apparently Columbia is constructing a river walk so I think I’ll visit again. This time with a camera in hand.