Rainy Days and Mondays

‘Tis a rainy day here and I’m busy. Like an “I do not have a good grasp on my life” sort of busy. School is different because Chloe is going to the Academy two days¬† a week and I love it. I love that someone else is giving her homework and she’s excited about it. It also makes it easier to focus on Halle. But Halle is doing more work and I’ve been visiting (visiting? It would be great if I knew what I meant to write there) and a Realtor is coming to look at the house Friday and our anniversary is Sunday and we’ve been given an amazing opportunity to get out of town and, well, I just don’t have a good grip on it all. I know it just takes time. We’ll get there.

The Realtor thing? I e-mailed a Realtor about a week ago and I really just wanted her opinion on the market and such. So she’s coming to take a look because it seems that the market may be catching up with us. There are still some things to be done but we’ve done a lot and Realtors are really good at advice like, “don’t worry about that” or “fix that” or “I’ve got a guy that could do this for $$ instead of $$$”, you get the idea. So I guess we’ll see. But we’re cleaning and mowing, etc. like mad and everything takes more time than I want it to.

The out of town thing? My Dad works for a golf course and it’s part of a trail of golf courses in Alabama. One of the perks is that we can get really good rates at an awesome resort. So we’re meeting my parents in Florence, AL and they’ll take the kids so that Trav and I can spend some time together. But the town is really close to the house that Helen Keller grew up in and they’re having a Helen Keller festival the weekend we’re there and we can take the kids on a tour of the house which means I can count it as school. Yay! Besides, I read a Helen Keller biography about a dozen times when I was younger and was fascinated with her life so I benefit too. Then Saturday Travis and I will tour a Frank Lloyd Wright house as part of our anniversary celebration. I’m a nerd and I don’t care…this is exciting!


Of Art and Icicles

When I was a kid growing up in Florida, I was completely enamored with icicles. I remember the first time my dad showed one to me. We were living in “the old house” (as we called it later when we were in “the new house”) and he came into the kitchen, excited about finding icicles outside. Yes, Florida occasionally gets cold enough for icicles.¬† We got snow once too but I was only about 4 and had no idea what you were supposed to do with it. Anyway, anytime there was going to be a cold snap in central Florida a few people would turn their sprinklers on and the next morning their entire yard would be covered in ice. I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.

This is what my van looked like this morning.

A lot of the snow melted yesterday. The temperature wasn’t above freezing but the sun was out so it melted but since it was *really* cold last night, the melted stuff froze and I have icicles! I still think they’re pretty neat.

I’ve been working with Halle on the letter “I” this week and we’d finished her lesson because we’d started it in the middle of the week before. Rather than starting a new letter on Thursday, I decided to do art and such to reinforce the letter and we’ll start a new one on Monday. But I also couldn’t leave Chloe out. She loves painting. I’m a bit disappointed with her Global Art book overall because a lot of the projects require things that I don’t have at home (a box with a lid from a ream of paper? I didn’t have that lying around) or they’re complicated (felting? really?) I should have anticipated that if the art is “global” then I probably wouldn’t have the items on hand. I do have water color supplies on hand though and that’s what we did.

I drew a ladybug on a leaf for each of the girls on water color paper and let them paint away…

Here’s Halle’s…

And here’s Chloe’s…

I love them. The paintings and the kids. I want to frame them and hang them in their bedrooms. The only downside to the paper I have is that it’s *huge* and it’s hard to find a frame. I wish I’d thought of it beforehand so I could have taped it off to a more reasonable size. But no matter, I’ll figure it out.